Thursday, August 21, 2008

The theme for our drama is ready atlast

At last... After many desperate attempts and meetings to decide SOMETHING related to the drama , today's one was a really successful one!:-) .. Abilash, Sandhya and myself met at 2' o clock in the afternoon and started discussing something regarding her ideas which she was ready with already! All those appealed really good as stories, but ... when you see it in the perspective of a drama which is going to be targeted towards 18+ people, those stories made their exit! While we were still thinking of what to do regarding our previous themes that were suggested by me and harish, the theme "WHAT WILL YOU DO IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IN AH HOUR?" appealed more rich to us! And when we tried to frame it out part by part, it did fall in one awesome piece! Harish too joined us in it.. and we set to work sitting near the legendary sastra ditch. Sure enough, we did get distracted in the middle as usually trying to pull each other's leg;-).. But hopefully, we were all a bit focussed in this i guess which still made us stick on to the plot we were discussing! And thank my goodness , atlast we were able to make a clear frame of our drama.. Hopefully the script will be ready in two days!
After all , we have the skeleton , all we need to do is, cover it with flesh and skin:-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


My heart bleeds at the thought of those happy moments i shared with you;

Those precious days where we all sat together ,

So melancholic it is to even think of believing what i heard..

Although my mind knows the truth, my heart refuses to accept it.

All those sweet memories flash by, those days of joy and exhilaration when we were all together;

In the same class, sharing joy and sorrow alike....I break up even to write this in the past tense, All words get stuck to my throat refusing to see the outer world for it seems they themselves do not want to picturize you as a dead person!!

Far down the lane , i can feel you walking away from us;

Covered by haze, the less visible you become, the more you walk down the yonder lane;

The fading moonlight seems to sprinkle all tiny stardust upon you.. making you glow amidst all the darkness...

Reflecting the line between life and death!

A blueish white aura outlines you and i can feel you smiling at me..

A majestical golden staircase descends from the sky before you, where you give one last look at me and flash a smile... a smile that is no more mortal! a smile that is going to be in my heart forever..

I watch dreamily as the staircase transcends along with you crossing all the holy horizons that man has never ventured past...

A tear rolls down my cheek and i turn back and start walking.. knowing that you are always there in my heart.. and with a queer feeling of bizzare calmness that tells me not to cry , but to be happy at the thought that i have the same friend inside my heart and also amidst the stars!!

Yes ... my friend.. Your body might have been plundered from us by time.. But your soul will always live with us.. until we die!! Until we all join together as stars again.. This time rocking the heavens for a change instead of our class XII EBM1!

You always live with us NEELESH and we still love you the same my friend!

Feel safe....

Friday, August 15, 2008

At the edge of my TEEN AGE!!

Is this the real me i see?
So far Ashwath was nothing more than a fun loving and easy going teen.. But what is this sudden change i feel from within?
So far i have never been serious about anything. Taking things easy is what defines myself usually. But some kind of new pressure, a new pain is originating . Suddenly the world appears serious to me now! What sort of a weird feel is this? I am unable to picture it out?
I can feel myself slowly transcending all kinds of horizons! This is very new to me. So it also makes me a bit scared! I don't know why i feel so bizzare! I experience a sort of mysterious courage within me now that prompts me now and then to do things as fast as i can, killing the hesitation in me! I feel totally new .. I feel a considerable increase in my velocity to take decisions. Too bad i can't even identify this idiosyncracy which makesme feel new. Maybe , the caterpillar that comes out of its pupa as a butterfly can alone understand and feel what i feel now! I may even sound a bit preposterous in this. But this is what is exactly happening inside me! Some kind of new energy.. seems like i am all charged up to take over something that my conscience silently has apprehended! Whatever it is, it has created a turbulence in my blood.. pushing me into greater levels of self expectations and energy blast. The dire urge to achieve something is getting stronger each passing day. Yes!! i guess i am no more the chracteristic Ash which i have been so far. Am i evolving into some super human phase or just getting more matured which makes me feel that i am almost a man now? .. I dont seem to understand. Whatever it is , i can sense a new beggining that is very near stroming into my heart giving it all the energy it needs ultimately injecting shudders through my veins at times. I pray my Lord Krishna to give me endurance to bear with this new fangled energy that i feel within and to channelize me in the perfect path , harnessing and tapping myself to the extreme for tasting the everlasting flavour of success!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today morning, i stirred lazily out of my bed wondering whether to attend my c++ class or gloss. And yes.. i decided to go with gloss. I went there by 10. Already a decent number had gathered by at the chith vihar seminar hall. I went downstairs to see if more people were coming. People did turn up in huge numbers. Then the hall was totally full. The session on php and MySQL was started by Dwarakanath, our C.A. for Sun Microsystems. Harish, Sandhya, Vikas, Sanjeev,Sudha and Komal were present there. But not for the session.. he he. We were all having a seperate session planning out the script for the drama we have planned for the carpedium. But even then we didnt even turn up with one single idea;-) . All that we did was chit chatting and our usual gossiping. After that we went to the canteen where we were all thrown a free treat:-) Then we all went for the matinee movie "chak de india" that was screened at the nirmaan vihar auditorium. We didnt get any seats and so were forced to occupy the stairs! Not a bad deal after all.. all my junior friends were near by only. So we enjoyed a lot. After the movie , we all went to the temple and then to the canteen. So it all started out with a session of gloss and ended up with only fun and no gloss at all... lolz:-)

Monday, August 4, 2008

my second big venture

"the first step is the most difficult one", they say... yes it is!! and i do approve the saying whole heartedly. after having my first experience in pop-ups, i came to know about the difficulty people face when it comes to organizing.. and sure enough i do love it.. and so today , i am into a new venture.. THE GLOSS PROMOTION WING!!... a team of 13. really superb it is to be involved in all this stuff which i love best.. interacting with people, popularizing something and public speaking.. all these things actually enhance your personality and other skills. you always get to know new new things in the course.. yup.. i feel really very good that i am doing something that has always been my passion.. and i am sure i will again be a reason for hitting success once more as a team!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

a fabulous victory!! yipeee....

well... 2day its really been a very very interesting day.. morning i woke up accidentally at 6 30.. with a severe headache due to an empty stomach i guess.. and i went out to have a cup of coffee.. all that pleasant morning atmosphere gave me a good relaxation.. my enthusisasm and expectations were soaring high every passing moment..and gradually i got ready 4 gloss.. wen i went there i was surprised to see a crowd over there as we thought that it wouldnt have reached people.. 5n.. thats none of my business to blog about. we just had a 20 minute break between gloss and the first session of popups. sandhya and myself addressed the people luring them to return back after the break for sure!! but i guess we were only partly successful.. cos some didnt turn up.. the strength almost filled the entire seating capacity of tifac conference hall, save a few empty seats.. and abhishek sir was also with us in the morning.. harsha of 3rd year started off with a small quiz, which didnt create the expected effect.. people were all too passive, not at all ready for interaction except a very few..the session seriously turned out to be very boring.. 4 us too.. thank god abhishek gave an inspirational short speech in the middle which really turned out to be a distraction from all that boring stuff.. so to sum up, the first session wasnt such a big success and i personally felt bad for not living up to what all that we promised.. but of course i did have a very valid reason for convincing myself, that those sections that turned up were not under our part of publicity.. so i pretended to stay cool all the time although inside i was literally praying the almighty that the 2nd session should be better off than this... much much better.. and i found this very same fear written all over the faces of sandhya, harish 1&2.. so when it was finally 2, the crowd dispersed ,,and a very superb sight greeted us when we attempted to leave the hall for a break.. there was already a very big queue. sandhya was too excited seeing it and so were the rest of us!! and when we were standing at the entrance, people just started thronging the whole place and we were giving them directions.. i just cant write out all the emotions i experienced at that time.. my god i lost control and was literally jumping.. i went bonkers over it.. he he!! and then finally when we entered the hall, all seats were full, the steps were all occupied, the dias was occupied.. and the best part of it was the crowd was still coming!! i was completely confident that this time things will not be messed up!! and hopefully they didnt.. harsha was terrific and so were the others.. the crowd was very interactive.. for which we gratefully thanked them at the last.. many people came on stage and sang.. superb it was... with all liveliness, we finally winded up the session.. the people over there told us that they didnt want to leave them so soon..!! what proof do you need more to know the rate of our success ??

cool it was.. we all left for the canteen, had something to satisfy our hunger.. there again i interacted with many first year guys and girls.. got their feedbacks.. and 2day i am far more than happy!! popups is going to be a big hit after all.. we are pretty sure that we make PJ sir and ABHIDEEP sir proud of us.. at the end of the year, popups will be the most liveliest ever club that the first years ever experienced in sastra!! and i sincerely believe we will achieve it... and of course i 4got something...harish.r spoke about his experience in popups which was really good.. and 2day we did miss an integral member of our team...... Komal.. would have been really good if she would have come..but again the credit goes to everybody equally who are in popups... three cheers to all my first year friends!! we are thankful to you for your fabulous response!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

my experience of working in a team

Team work is the most essential part of a successful mission people say... and im actually experiencing it now.. working in the team of pop-ups.. our team consists of 5 people.. Harish R, Harish S, Sandhya, Komal and myself(Ashwath).. we are all second years from the same class in the department of ICT. a very very agile and enthusiastic self driven team we are i believe.. it has been really so wonderful going to the first year classes and publicising pop ups. 2day komal, sandhya and myself went class by class addressing our juniors.. and of course harish 1 and 2 took care of the printups stickin them outside every class.. and i sincerely believe that we did make a very good impact upon the first years regardin pop ups.. the three of us did it together inside the class. when one person ran out of points to speak, the other person took the lead and so on.. sandhya was speakin about all the technical part..myself about the fun part..and as usual.. komal addressed them with her gethu that defines her...he he so i believe we were a huge success today.. we interacted with many first years during the break and we were pleased with the response.. and we are hopefully expecting a huge crowd at the tifac conference hall tommorow.. and if we do get it, we know the mission has been accomplished completely with regards to STEP 1.. and of course. m sure we will make popups a big booming success this year!!!
three cheers for popups!! lolz.......